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Blue Line Police Custom Blanket

This blanket makes a great gift for any little one. Constructed of super-soft, velveteen blanket making it a popular choice for rest and relaxation. You have to feel it to believe it! Let this blanket tell the story by adding events, sayings and words that highlight all of their loved ones law enforcement career. To Order: Purchase this listing in the size you'd like. In notes to seller or provide a list of Items you'd like to include. For instance: 1. Name of child 2. Badge Number 3. Department of you would like. Send us the information in the comments and we will take it from there. We will design a proof for you and once you approve it, we will send it into production. Time for completion can be altered depending on the length of time it takes for the proof to be finalized. Once the blanket is approved it does take approximately seven days to create the blanket. The 30" x 40" size is perfect to swaddle newborns, or when you just need a lap blanket (travel, stroller, etc). The 50" x 60" is our most popular size. Great for anytime, anywhere. Cuddling on the couch, napping, used as a decorative throw, etc. The 60" x 80" is perfect to lay over a twin bed, hang on the wall, guest blanket, etc. Blankets are printed from edge to edge, with a smooth edge finish. The color safe vibrant ink colors are embedded into the fabric which means it will never fade or come off. Machine washable, gentle cycle, tumble dry. Do not use any bleach. Please provide at least the following: 1. Name of child 2. Badge Number 3. Department of you would like (Police or Fire)-blue line on the police blanket and a red line on fire department blankets) Please provide any additional info you want included.
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